In 2022 we partnered up with "Tízpróba Magyarország Kft.", the Hungarian subsidiary of Decathlon (for more than 20 years). This is also the year when our cooperation with OMG Hungary Kft. (Omnicom Media Group), a global media agency, Pannon-Work Zrt., a consulting and employment agency and UNIQA, a big player in the Insurance Industry began.

Decathlon OMG Hungary Pannon-Work UNIQA

In year 2021, 4iG, a market-leader in Telco and IT Industries, one of the largest holding corporations in Hungary and the Western Balkans, started to use our software. In the same year, National Post Office, "Magyar Posta", employing more than 25.000 people also joined forces with nexum to develop their digital hiring system. Still 2021, Tchibo, a preeminent FMCG brand and BKK (Transport for Budapest) also started to use nexum Career Portal to support their hiring processes.

Also our Partner's websites, Raiffeisen Bank and Fundamenta (Housing & Insurance, Financial services) got into a new shape through re-design.

4iG Magyar Posta Budapesti Közlekedési Központ Tchibo

In the year 2020, we expanded our list of Clients with Danubius Hotels, Euronics, HRC Group, MVM Group (one of the largest employers in Hungary, energy industry), OTTO FUCHS Hunary Kft., Rauch Hungária Kft., and Semilab Zrt.

Danubius Hotels Euronics HRC MVM OTTO FUCHS Rauch Semilab

KÉSZ Group - one of the largest construction companies in Hungary - chose our Career Portal to facilitate their selection process in the online space. We also welcomed Accor-Pannonia Hotels Zrt., Aegon Magyarország Általános Biztosító Zrt., Alpine Európai Elektronikai Ipari Kft., Bács-Kiskun Vármegyei Kormányhivatal, DPD Hungary Kft., Fétis Kft., GYSEV Zrt., Tolnagro Kft., UNION Vienna Insurance Group Biztosító Zrt. on our "roster".

We developed new look for Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.’s and Sberbank Magyarország Zrt.’s Career site.

KÉSZ Csoport Accor-Pannonia Hotels Aegon Magyarország Alpine Európai Elektronikai Ipari Kft. Bács-Kiskun Vármegyei Kormányhivatal DPD Fétis GYSEV Tolnagro UNION Vienna

Groupama Biztosító Zrt.’s career site got a brand new, and on the employer branding market outstanding design and content. 2018 was also the year of design change for UPC and Dreher!

Many new partners joined to the Career Portal users such as Generali Biztosító, EuroFamily, Intrum Justitia and Nemzeti Közművek.

Groupama Dreher UPC Eurofamily Intrum Justitia Nemzeti Közművek

New partners started using the 5.5 version of Career Portal, Hanon Systems Hungary Kft., MKB Bank Zrt., WHC Csoport, Pénzjegynyomda Zrt., Raiffeisen Bank Zrt..

In cooperation with Profession.hu Kft. we developed Profession Passport, an outstanding product in the recruitment-selection software market, which allows candidates to apply with their Profession profile and can be integrated in Career Portal software.

hanon mkb whc penzjegynyomda raiffeisen

Our CV Parse service has been activated by Bárdi Autó hungarian, dm-drogerie markt Kft., Egis Gyógyszergyár Zrt., Erste Bank Zrt., Fundamenta-Lakáskassza Zrt., Groupama Biztosító Zrt., HEINEKEN Hungária Sörgyárak Zrt., JOB Személyzeti Tanácsadó Kft., Knorr-Bremse, NN Biztosító Zrt., Passion 4 Work, a Magyar Suzuki Zrt. és a Waberer's International Zrt.

Career Portal 5.5 was launched by Egis Gyógyszergyár Zrt., Fundamenta-Lakáskassza Zrt., Groupama Biztosító Zrt.és a Magyar Suzuki Zrt.

We developed new look for dm-drogerie markt Kft.’s és a Lufthansa Systems Hungária Kft.’s Career site.

The partners of the nexum Career Portal have expanded with Bárdi Autó Hungary and Romania, FHB Bank Zrt. and NN Biztosító Zrt..

dm egis erste fundamenta groupama heineken knorr-bremse nn suzuki waberers lufthansa bardi fhb

K&H Group, the JOB Személyzeti Tanácsadó Kft. 's new-looking Career page has been handed over.

In addition to K&H Group and JOB Személyzeti Tanácsadó Kft., Knorr-Bremse and HEINEKEN Hungária Sörgyárak Zrt. also changed to the latest version 5.5 of the Career Portal.

Career Portal recruitment and selection system has also been introduced for Passion 4 Work

lufthansa suzuki erste groupama upc

Career Portal’s newest version, 5.5 started supporting HEINEKEN Hungária Sörgyárak, Rossmann Hungary, Fundamenta-Lakáskassza, Waberer's International and Egis Gyógyszergyár Zrt. in selecting the best professionals.

We handed over the Tesco “Small Format” page, which is the independent Career site of Tesco Express stores.

heineken rossmann fundamenta egis waberers

Erste Bank started using Career Portal 5.0, and while the software’s version upgrade we also developed a new look for the Career site. Erste Bank started using Career Porta in 2007.

The Hungarian Suzuki Zrt. was first in the world from the Suzuki Motor Corporation subsidiaries, who came out with a Career site, we introduced National Instruments' new recruitment system for job offers from 8 Central and Eastern European countries and greeted among our partners dm-drogerie markt Kft., Groupama Biztosító, UPC Magyarország.

lufthansa suzuki erste groupama upc

The first Career Portal version 5.0 became live for our new partner, Volksbank, and also some of our existing partner started using the new version: Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt and Hungarian National Bank.

volksbank dreher invitel mnb

We handed over a new website, rehabjob.hu to JOB Személyzeti Tanácsadó Kft., which targets rehabilitation labor exchange market and have significantly redesigned the career site of Sanoma Budapest, which was handed over with new onboarding functionality.


With more than 21,000 employees, we developed one of the biggest employer, the TESCO-Global Stores Hungary on-line recruitment system.

One of Hungary’s largest commercial banks, K&H Bank and K&H Group started using Career Portal.

tesco k&h

We have been successful in applying for Enterprise innovation for accredited clusters (GOP-2008-1.3.1 / B) tender. Durin the project we layed our Career Portal on new, modern foundations this offer our existing and future clients a more dynamic and complex solution.


Pfizer, the American pharmaceutical company’s Hungarian site and Dreher Sörgyárak have chosen our career portal to facilitate their selection process.

pfizer dreher

Several outstanding representatives of the banking sector started using the Career Portal, so we can welcome the Hungarian National Bank, Erste Bank NYrt.. and Volksbank among our clients.

erste volksbank mnb

We started to support Sanoma Budapest with our ATS system. Furthermore, we developed a new wave career site and a connecting communication system for British American Tobacco Hungary.

sanoma bat

Career Portal got chosen by Unilever Magyarország Kft., Generali-Providencia, Human Rent Magyarország and TEVA Magyarország.

generali teva

Career Portal got a new version number while new functions and modules became available. We have developed based on a renewed version to Knorr-Bremse Fékrendszerek, Lufthansa Systems Hungária and Magyar Államvasutak.

knorr-bremse lufthansa mav

Our first recruitment system gone live at openyourfuture.hu for Unilever Hungary.